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Aspen Club Management Software | Services

Service+ Care features Problem Resolution Tracking (PRT) which ensures that all customer inquiries are monitored for speed of resolution and to ensure consistency in service.

Helpdesk and Hotline 24/7: To ensure operations run smoothly, we have established a day to day call centre to answer any questions and resolve system issues. The Aspen Emergency Service Team maintains a 24/7 Hotline to troubleshoot and address operational emergencies and resolve urgent matters.

System Audit: With System Audit, we are able to ensure that all newly installed hardware and software systems are operating and configured at optimal level from day one and on an on-going basis. This service provides for the implementation of any new systems requirements requested by the client or due to new government regulations. In addition we provide periodic assessments of staff training levels and whether retraining is required.

With Service+ program we also we provide client a maintenance program in order to ensure that the system is up-to-date and running smoothly and do the necessary upgrade for client if necessary.

Maximizing your ROI with over 20 years of experience in implementing new technologies in the hospitality industries, we have established a comprehensive program of ongoing preventive maintenance for hardware and software products. This program has been coupled with an innovative technology upgrade registry to ensure that our client's management systems are functioning smoothly and kept up-to-date with the latest in Management technologies.

Service+ program is designed to help our client whenever they require our help. We provide consultancy to client in order to help them planning and choosing the solution.

Aspen specializes in identifying potential technical or business obstacles, suggesting solutions and providing access to knowledgeable and experienced resources for any discipline within the organization. In addition, we provide clients with expertise to plan and implement operational strategies and plans, along with oversight for both pre-opening and on-going situations.

We have established an eLearning Lab and a portfolio of Solutions Training Programs for our clients both current and future.

Aspen eLearning Lab provides online training for all our clients. Programs included cover many of our Solution Products and programs. Aspen Training are conducted on a regular basis in the Bangkok Metro area and several regional locations throughout Thailand and will soon be available online as part of the Aspen eLearning Lab. Future programs will soon be scheduled to accommodate clients serviced by our newest offices in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam and Hong Kong.