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• Maintain complete Prospect details and
  Waitlist file of information.

• Flexible individualized name formatting for
  display and printing as per user request.

• Maintain prospect notes file (to log event
  taken against prospect like mailing & export,
  with the initiator user ID and action user ID)

• Powerful quick search features by surname,
  given name, company name, I.D.#

• Perform automated Mail merge contact

• Maintain complete Member and family /
  company details, including joining fee
  or debenture history.

• Keep history of each member and
  automatically update membership type
  and status each day.

• Allows multiple, individually
  numbered card holder under each
  Member Account.

• Maintain debentures purchased by the
  debenture owner (Including Debenture Number,
  Debenture value, Date of purchase).

• Maintain Corporate/ Proposer /
  Secondary Member Number.

• Integrated with Printing
  Membership Card system.

• Powerful features for recording and
  showing member check-in information.

• Basic member information and
  related personal check-in history.

• Session History. It is helpful
  for user to monitor member check-in
  for current location.

• Customize warning message and
  Quick member photo capture.

• Library Management allows for track detailed
  borrowers record specific to members and
  their membership accounts. It provides a
  smooth processing of the borrowing,
  returning, renewal and sales of books or
  video items, either by keyboard or barcode
  scanning. Immediate checks on the borrower
  status and item status can also be made.

• Powerful features for member rental/renew.

• showing member family related rental

• Include Reserve waiting list and item discard.

• Details rental fee and fine setting for Old item
  and new item.

• New Books, pre-overdue, overdue and
  reservation reminder. Email reminder is
  also available.