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Club Management Software | Accounting


• Control all the financial aspects of your
  business, with a customized accounts chart
  and advanced controls and posting interface
  from other Accounting sub-ledgers.

• View Cash Position through the Bank Book
  function. Access current cash position at any

• Helps maintaining voucher input.

• Budget Manager allows review and
  management of budget quickly and easily.

• Includes a flexible Financial Report Writer/
  direct link to Microsoft Excel formatted sheets
  to create complex financial reports and

• Perform comprehensive sales analysis
  through customized reporting.

• Access sales transaction easily through
  automatic link to Point of Sales System.

• Access to customer spending history through
  "Criteria Reporting"

• Manage your invoicing and cash receipts.

• View POS transaction details directly in
  A/R module due to member enquiries

• Allows 4 aging period 30 days, 60 days, 90
  days and 120 days.

• Allow email statement to member and web

• Allow periodic charge (monthly subscription),
  late charge, Spending credit, minimum charge
  and spending limitation.

• Provide maintenance for unlimited history of
  complete purchase orders.

• Allows to input user approval, payment terms,
  payment methods, delivery instruction and
  many more functions included.

• General Purchase Order from custom
  Market List.

• Automatically generate the lowest cost from
  selected vendor quotation.

• Tracking and reporting or requisitions, order
  status, and expected deliveries

• Automatic upload of Inventory and Accounts
  Payable records from receiving records.

• Leave purchase orders open indefinitely until
  all items are received or cancel.

• Create custom purchase order form.

• Manage Invoices and payments.

• Control expenditures and automate
  payable functions.

• Improve vender relations.

• Improve cash flow management

• Analyzes purchases.

• Maintenance of invoice aging dates.

• Information about outstanding balances
  and aging accounts.

• Partial payment capability.

• Cheque / Voucher / Envelop printing process.

• Bank Reconciliation processing.

• Online Vender Enquiry to monitor vendor

• Unlimited number of product, product
  category, shelf and origin code.

• Support multi warehouse, each item can be
  stored in different warehouses.

• Stock Transfer Entry : each stock can be
  transferred from one warehouse to another.

• Quick and easy Stock Take Procedure.

• Flexible reporting by your specified

• Support for FIFO costing.

• Fully integrate with Purchase Order module.

• Stores Records of all fixed asset items
  maintained by the company

• Flexible data entry and record searching.

• Provide 4 Depreciation calculation methods:
  Straight Line, Double Declining Balance,
  Reducing Balance, Sum of year digits.

• Easily item disposal and Cost re-allocation.

• Link up to General Ledger module.

• Unlimited Folio number creation.

• Multiple -location login operation and

• Both for member and guest.

• Easy Re-open closing invoice for modification.

• Batch invoices printing support.